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Pakistani PM Imran Khan Says ‘No Mention Of Jesus In History,’ Announces Int’l Anti-Blasphemy Convention: The West Should Be Made To Understand Our Love For Muhammad

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered a speech on the day of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. He said that other prophets of Allah were not as significant as Muhammad, and that there is “no mention of Jesus in history.” He said that the West should be made to understand Muslims’ love for the Prophet Muhammad and that freedom of speech is not a legitimate pretext to hurt somebody’s religion. Khan also announced that his government is spearheading efforts to get countries to sign onto the “International Convention on Preventing the Defamation of Religions,” which would state that freedom of speech is an insufficient pretext for hurting the world’s Muslims. PM Khan’s speech was aired on 24 News HD TV (Pakistan) to the Internet on November 20, 2018.

To view the clip of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

“There Is No Mention Of Jesus In History, But The Entire Life Of Muhammad, Who Was Allah’s Last Prophet, Is Part Of History”

Imran Khan: “There were prophets of Allah other [than Muhammad], but there is no mention of them in human history. There is negligible mention of them. Moses is mentioned, but there is no mention of Jesus in history. But the entire life of Muhammad, who was Allah’s last prophet, is part of history.


“Today’s [great] civilization, the West, learned from the Muslims in Spain. They started reading. Aristotle and Greek philosophies reached Europe through Muslims, and then European civilization rose.


“Every few years, in some Western country, our dear Prophet is blasphemed against and dishonored. What is the consequence of this? Muslims become angry. We take to the streets in protest, [protestors] break things in our country. But what does it achieve? It enables the enemies of Muslims to tell people in the West: ‘See, Islam is a big religion that spreads violence.’ They get an opportunity to spread propaganda against Islam.”

“Their People Do Not Understand, They Can’t Comprehend How Much Our Prophet Resides In Our Hearts, They Can’t Understand, So We Should Make Them Understand”


“In Holland, someone blasphemed against Muhammad by drawing a caricature of him. [My government] spoke to Holland’s foreign minister and their ambassador, and I am happy that for the first time, at our asking, they withdrew those caricatures.


“We raised this matter in the OIC – that all the Muslim countries should together tell the West… Their people do not understand. They can’t comprehend how much our Prophet resides in our hearts. They can’t understand, so we should make them understand. We talked to the OIC, and our foreign minister raised this issue in the U.N. for the first time, and something happened that had never happened before. The European Union’s Human Rights Court [sic] said for the first time that you cannot hurt somebody’s religion under the pretext of freedom of speech, and especially it said that you cannot blaspheme against Muhammad’s honor.”


“We Want The Countries Of The World To Sign A Convention Which Will Be Called The International Convention On Preventing The Defamation Of Religions”

“We want the countries of the world to sign a convention which will be called the International Convention on Preventing the Defamation of Religions, which means that freedom of speech cannot be used as a pretext to hurt the world’s 1.25 billion Muslims. Allah willing, [my special envoy] will now go to various countries, and talk to people, meet lawyers, and prepare the convention. Allah willing, we, Pakistan, will spearhead [this effort], and for the first time in the world get this Convention signed.”


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