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A delegation from the pro-Muslim Brotherhood organization Egyptian Americans for Freedom and Justice (EAFAJ) lobbied [Ar] on Capitol Hill on Tuesday for an “Egypt Advocacy Day.” In a press release on Facebook, EAFAJ stated that the purpose of their meetings with congressional offices was “to expose the crimes of Egypt’s current military regime against its own Egyptian people.”

They distributed reports to congressional staffers describing the human rights abuses committed in Egypt beginning after the July 2013 military coup through March 2017. The organization calls for halting all U.S. military aid to Egypt “until democracy is regained and human rights are respected.”

Members of the delegation included [Ar] EAFAJ President Hani al-Qadi, Vice President Waabir Mustafa, and Ayat al-Oraby, among others.

A number of experts on the Muslim Brotherhood have spoken out regarding EAFAJ’s lobbying efforts and condemned al-Oraby’s views in particular. On Twitter, analyst Mokhtar Awad referred to al-Oraby as “a raving sectarian lunatic.”

Awad also posted a video of al-Oraby calling for an economic boycott of Christian businesses, where she states that “[Christians] must be made to understand that the [Islamic symbol] crescent must be on top of the cross.”

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