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By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive to Coptic Solidarity – 

In yet another coldblooded attempt on the life of a Christian, a Muslim man recently attempted to slaughter a Coptic Christian woman—in broad daylight and in the middle of a busy street in Egypt.

Reports of this latest instance of anti-Christian sentiment in Egypt began appearing Tuesday and have since been confirmed by local authorities.

Mary Gamil, the Coptic Christian woman, was walking in the neighborhood of al-Waraq, in Giza, when a man began to sexual harass her; when she rebuffed him, a verbal altercation ensued; then the man grabbed and forced her to the ground and began carving at her jugular with a knife. He made a deep gash in her throat and nearly killed her, but passersby intervened in time and held the man until authorities arrived.

Police have since said that the man, Mamdouh Ramadan, 36, a local to the area, suffers from “mental disorders.”

Be that as it may, this attack fits the profile of several other murderous attacks on Copts in recent weeks and months and in every corner of the country—Sinai, Upper and Lower Egypt—attacks which saw the Christian victims murdered in broad daylight and in busy streets, or ritually slaughtered in their homes, or, in one instance, burned alive.


Photo credit: Al Arabiya


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