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By Nader Shukry – Watani

Copts in the village of Naj Jneidi in Nusairat, Sohag, some 460km south of Cairo, have been repeatedly attacked by Muslims who wish to seize their land. The most recent attack took place a few days ago; the attackers used automatic weapons, and Moussa al-Deeb Saeed and Zaghloul Awad were injured and moved to hospital.

The Copts in the village caught Ibrahim Ahmad Ali Hassan and Muhammad Abdel-Latif Eissa from among the attackers, and handed them to the police.

The attack is the third in the recent weeks, and comes with the purpose of seizing 12 feddans of land legally owned by the Copts since 1960. Two feddans of this land hold a cemetery for Copts.

The Copts claim that the Muslim outlaws who wish to seize their lands have ‘sold’ this land to one another using fake ownership papers. The Copts, Salah Sidqy, Mahrous Gad al-Rubb Girgis, Boutros Shenouda, and their partners, have taken the matter to court.


Copts in Sohag attacked to seize their land

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