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By Saba E. Demian, M.D.  –

There is very little which has not been written about this giant, his unparalleled knowledge and accomplishments. This was a ‘Man for all seasons.’ Though a Copt he championed all and any who was disenfranchised, downtrodden, and with the classic calm of an accomplished diplomat, attracted others who helped accomplish his foremost mission, the unceasing effort to ensure respect of every human worldwide regardless of status.

His grandfather, Boutros Pasha Ghali was the last Copt to be the Prime Minister of Egypt. Unfortunately, this earlier giant was cut down by the bullet of an assassin in 1910 AD. Since then the twists of religious division, misinterpretation holy writ and radicalism, has soured the natural progression of Egypt to achieve its potential and stand as the most civilized in Africa as a viable democracy equal to other civilized nations.

Not amazing, B.B. Ghali’s legacy lives on and affects others to do what is right. He was denied a second term as Secretary General of the UN by Clinton et al and some Europeans because he was true to his office and did not pander to the wishes of those in power.

It is right to eulogize this giant but the question is, are there other Egyptians, Copts or otherwise in the making who would match his accomplishments and more? I am certain that the answer is an unqualified yes and yes and yes. However, giants are both born and made. It is up to us in Egypt to provide the milieu for persons of this exalted caliber to emerge and come forth unhindered.

Article submitted by Saba E. Demian, M.D. Retired professor of Laboratory Medicine USC, LSU Schools of Medicine

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