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"Asharf. R . S.", an Egyptian originally from the province of Minya, and one of the eyewitnesses, told al-Dostour that “the militants of Ansar al-Sharia and Daesh, broke last month into our house, which is old house owned by a Libyan, in the city of Sirte, and kidnapped 13 while 7 others managed to escaped through the back door overlooking an olive farm.”


He added that “the militants knew of the Copts’ presence and therefore attacked our house and did not a nearby house where at least 30 Egyptian Muslims.” He said that he and other colleagues are still stuck in Sirte, unable to get to Egypt as there is no way to communicate with the Egyptian embassy, and car owners demand phenomenal sums to take them to the Tunisian borders.


He explained that “Daesh killed our brothers and we lost all contact them for a while,” emphasizing that whoever claim that they are alive do not know anything about this terrorist group, and had we fallen in captivity we would be murdered like the rest of our colleagues.”


A source in the Libyan army, said that Daesh know only the language of killing and slaughter, and it is not possible to negotiate with them, or (offer to) exchange prisoners. He added that the kidnapped Egyptians (must have been) killed, but the terrorist group usually announces its crimes long after the fact..


It is noteworthy that the Copts kidnapped are Majed Suleiman Shehata, Abanob Ayad Ata, Yousef Shukri Younan, Hani Abdel Messih Salib, Kirillos Bushra Fawzi, Milad Makin Zaki, Makram Youssef Twadharos, Samuel Stephanos Kamel, Bishoy Stephanos Kamel, Mina Fayez Aziz, Malak Ibrahim Tanios, Guirgis Milad Tanios, Bishoy Adel, Jaber Mounir Adli, Luka Nahhat, Essam Badri, Samuel Adham, Ezzat Bushra, Sameh Salah, an Malak Faraj.


It is worth adding that situation in Libya is quite confused and it is difficult to be sure of authenticity of reports.


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Meanwhile, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry denied any knowledge of such reports..

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