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Hundreds of Yazidi and other Iraqis protested on Thursday in front of the White House pressing President Obama to order immediate action to strike the advancing Jihadi forces and escort the fleeing refugees back to their homes.


The rally was sponsored by Coptic Solidarity.


Joining hundreds of Yazidis and few Iraqi Christians rallying at the White House chanting “down with ISIS,” Dr. Walid Phares and Magdi Khalil called on the administration to conduct air strikes on the Jihadists to save the civilians fleeing Sinjar and Nineveh.


At the same time, President Obama was meeting with his national security advisors and is contemplating military or humanitarian action.


Many demonstrators were in under extreme emotional stress due to what befell their kin; at least five persons fainted and ambulance vehicles rushed to the scene.


Phares and Khalil are in touch with NGOs to monitor closely, as “Action is what we want and expect.”


The demonstrations were to continue at 9 AM on Friday, along with a number of planned meetings with European ambassadors later during the day.



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