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By Alexei Krindatch – National Coordinator for the Second Census of US Orthodox Christian Churches / 2020 US Religion Census

Monk’s lagoon, Spruce Island, Alaska

The 2020 National Census of Orthodox Christian Churches was part of the 2020 US Religion Census. Information was obtained directly from more than 3,000 parishes of fourteen Eastern Orthodox and nine Oriental Orthodox Churches.  The first of our reports about Orthodox Christian Churches in the USA is offered below. Make sure to check this page regularly. We will post new findings as they become available.

This report presents detailed information on parishes, membership, and rates of worship attendance of fourteen Eastern Orthodox and nine Oriental Orthodox Church-bodies. It also describes significant changes in American Orthodox Christianity that have occurred since the previous Census in 2010: membership decline in most Eastern Orthodox Churches, impressive growth of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, the new parishes founded after 2010, and much more. The data were obtained directly from more than 3,000 US Orthodox Christian parishes.

To download the report click HERE.

Alexei Krindatch is a sociologist of religion and the author of three books: Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Monasteries (2016)Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Churches (2011), and Geography of Religions in Russia (1997).
Photo Credit: Ryan Schuessler – Since he became a canonized saint in 1970, Father Herman is drawing a more international crowd to Kodiak, Alaska.

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