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The European Union for Coptic Human Rights Organizations (EUCHRO) condemned the Egyptian judiciary’s “misuse” of some law articles that were “enacted for personal interests,” and condemned use of those articles against Islam Al-Bihary and Fatma Naoot.

In a statement published Sunday, the Union said that three Coptic children were sentenced to five years in prison and the fourth child was sent to a juvenile court institution, so “the law became a weapon to destroy community and civil state.”
The Union mentioned that it called several times to revoke that law, because it is against Egyptians and modern Egypt and the Union called for justice.

The Union called for “judicial purification” of judges who “support the Muslim Brotherhood, imprison children and intellectuals and release the enemies of Egyptian people and terrorists who slaughtered soldiers of armed forces.”

It went on, “There are serious indications that some officials of largest institutions of Egypt, especially in field of human rights and religious and intellectual freedoms, protect extremist and terrorist thoughts. Hence, Egypt would enter circle of state that sponsors terrorism and violates freedom of thought, so all efforts of Egyptians to develop their state would be useless.”

The statement called on MPs to play their role in revoking contempt of Islam law. It mentioned that world press agencies are talking about Egypt, after judgment of imprisonment of children. It added that the world press described the law as a tool to persecute minorities and it is a repressive law. The statement called for revoking law and releasing the imprisoned citizens.


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