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The teacher’s lawyer, Badawi Abu Shanab, appealed the ruling to demand acquittal of the teacher and repeal of the fine. The prosecutors filed an appeal, saying that there was an error in applying the fine ruling, and that the penalty of imprisonment should be enforced.

Demiana Ebeid Abdel Nour’s issue started on May 21, 2013. The Luxor Misdemeanor Court sentenced her on June 11, 2013, to a fine of 100,000 EGP when a Salafist teacher accused her of disdaining Islam and preaching Christianity while teaching social studies at Nag Sheikh Sultan Primary School in Luxor.

The Administrative Prosecution conducted an extensive investigation with a number of teachers in the school where the Coptic teacher works, without conclusion. In addition, the school principal testified in favor of the teacher before the public and administrative prosecutions.

Abdel Hamid Mohamed Khalil, chairman of the school’s Parents’ Board, said that his daughter, a student in Nour’s class, told him that Abdel Hamid Salem, the teacher who lodged a complaint against Abdel Nour accusing her of insulting Islam, tried to instigate students in the class to make claims against their teacher.


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