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Gamal described the attack on the cathedral after the funeral of the victims who fell in the Khosous City incident as a “heinous criminal act” that never occurred in the history of Egypt. He stressed that the failure to arrest the culprits though they appear on videos is because they belong to the ruling group.


“The sectarian incidents and the fall of the rule of law are two serious ways that can undermine Egypt,” Gamal told MCN.


He added that Egypt did not witness strife until the Sadat era and then in the era of former President Mubarak. However, sectarian strife has increased dramatically after the Islamic movement took power due to the prevailing culture and non-acceptance of others.


“The recent period has witnessed spread of unenlightened minds and reactionary thinking, and the religion has been implicated in politics, which is based on interests, and there is great difference between religion and politics,” Gamal pointed out.


Gamal added that some sheikhs adopt radical reactionary ideas and incite people to sectarian violence without realizing how this would threat the future of Egypt.


Speaking of the Salafi Sheikh Abu Islam Ahmed Abdullah, who insults Christianity on his Ummah TV channel, Gamal said that he should be executed for such statements because he is destroying Egypt. He hoped that Abu Islam would be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment on charges of contempt of Christianity, because the judiciary should not flatter anyone and only deals with documents and evidence in such cases.


Asked about severe judgments against Copts on charges of contempt of Islam, while no Muslims are sentenced in issues of contempt of Christianity, Gamal said there are hardline judges who pass judgments according to their own ideology, but the judiciary in general is fair and that is why judges are now under a fierce attack by the Brotherhood.


Commenting on the attack on the cathedral of St. Mark (Cairo) after the funeral of Khosous victims on April 7, Gamal described the incident as a criminal act that has never occurred in the Egyptian history.


The Egyptian jurist denounced lack of appointment of Copts in high-ranking positions in the country, such as presidents of universities, ambassadors and governors, saying that granting Copts their rights needs to be reviewed because the situation is now worse and there are those who yearn for the days of Mubarak.


“A civil war may occur in the future among Egyptians because of the policies of President Mohamed Morsi,” Gamal noted. “The ruling group calls for hatred of others, and even of Muslims [who adopt different ideologies].”


“The Muslim Brotherhood succeeded in making people hate it, so it will not stay for long in power because the anger of the Egyptian people is growing. The Brotherhood is now struggling to keep its rule by Brotherhooding the state and preventing devolution of the power,” Gamal told MCN.


As for the statements of President Mohamed Morsi to Al-Jazeera TV that there is no sectarian crisis in Egypt, Gamal said that the president is trivializing facts and trying to escape from reality, and the Egyptian people are smart and cannot be easily deceived by such statements.


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