When Sectarian Conflict Finds a Local Solution, Copts Lose

What is the value of a presidential visit to the papal cathedral for a seventy-year-old Copt driven from his village? What good are warm relations between Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Pope Tawadros if relations remain tense between Youssef Tawfiq and his Muslim neighbors?






Coptic Boys Finally Released on Bail, ‘Anti-Islam’ Trial Pending

Lawyer says judge's verdict 'could be very bad'


The last of four Egyptian boys accused of having “offended” Islam has been released on bail while trial is expected to continue after the Muslim month of Ramadan.


The 17-year-old student from Upper Egypt was released after 62 days in prison, subject to the payment of 10,000 Egyptian pounds, equivalent to several months’ wages by local rural standards. The boy is following a complicated, often hard-to-predict legal path together with three fellow Christian students and their teacher, who have slipped into a maze of events for having “mimicked” Islam.






Rumsfeld: Wrong to Push Democracy on Iraq, Wrong to Oust Gadhafi, Wrong to Not Even Discuss Militant Islam

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently pointed to an avalanche of mistakes the U.S., UN and the international community made that has contributed to the devastation of the Middle East and opened the way for Russian expansionism.


Rumsfeld, in an interview with The Times of London, said George W. Bush mistakenly sought to institute democracy after removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.

Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Clerics Call to Overthrow Al-Sisi Regime in Egypt, Restore Mursi to Presidency

On May 27, 2015, a group of 159 pro-Muslim Brotherhood (MB) clerics and 10 pro-MB religious bodies from across the Arab and Muslim world posted a document clarifying "the position of the shari'a on the [current] Egyptian regime." The document was posted on the Nida Al-Kinana ("Egypt Call") website, which was launched specifically for this purpose. It states that the current Egyptian regime is a "criminal and murderous" regime that has "betrayed the homeland and the faith," and therefore Egyptians have a religious obligation to come out against it and strive for its complete elimination "using the appropriate means, such as civil disobedience." The document also calls for the release of Muhammad Mursi, whom it calls the legitimate elected president.

In Egypt, Community ‘Justice’ Expels Copts from Their Homes

Forgive Emad Youssef if he and his extended family felt quite confused. The crowd welcoming them back to the village had only a few days earlier demanded they leave.


"They said this is the first time something like this has happened in our village," he told private satellite channel, OnTV "and that, Inshallah, it won't happen again."




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