European Parliament Calls Upon Allies to Support Kurds and Syriacs Against ISIS

The European Parliament on March 12 passed a resolution calling all allies against ISIS to support the YPG and the Syriac Miltary Council.


Crisis of Minya’s Galaa Revives Tragedies of Islamists Preventing Building of Churches

The scene of a number of radical Muslims preventing the building of a church in the village of al-Galaa in Samalout, Minya, has revived the tragedies of preventing the building of many churches, particularly in Upper Egypt, although they have the necessary licenses issued by the state.

Libyan Prime Minister: We Cannot Rely Upon The Jews And Christians Of The West

In an Al-Arabiya TV interview, Abdullah Al-Thani, prime minister of the Tobruk government in Libya, said that Arab countries were being targeted by "a big conspiracy" of the West and that "they want us to be trampled underfoot."

Following are excerpts from the interview, which aired on February 26, 2015.

El-Sisi urges ‘Arab ready force’ to confront ISIS, questions if US ‘standing by’ Egypt

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, in an exclusive interview with Fox News, appealed to the U.S. to play a greater role in helping his country fight terrorism -- as he urged the creation of an "Arab ready force" to confront the Islamic State and similar groups. 


Egypt agrees to 80% of UN Human Rights Council recommendations: Minister

‘The rest were rejected because they oppose Islamic Sharia and Egyptian values.’


Minister of transitional justice Ibrahim El-Heneidy says that Egypt has implemented 219 out of 314 recommendations



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