The Muslim Brotherhood Struggles in a New Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to regroup from a crackdown of historic proportions

The Muslim Brotherhood is no stranger to official repression. The venerable Islamist organization has been subject to regular government purges for most of its 86-year history. Along the way, the Brotherhood has developed a resilient and adaptable command structure—one designed to withstand the arrest of multiple members of its senior leadership.

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Iraq’s Vanishing Christians

One church leader is pointing the finger at the West to explain the disappearance of Iraq’s Christians


As the mass exodus of Iraq’s Christians continues, so does the call for ending the plight of those who have remained. Like Iraq’s ancient Jewish community before them, one of the world’s oldest Christian communities may soon cease to exist.

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What Would Sisi’s Presidency Look Like?

In his first televised interview as a presidential candidate, former military leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi vowed that the Muslim Brotherhood would not exist under his presidency and delivered a glimpse of how he envisioned his tenure. The reactions were mixed: His supporters cheered for him as a statesman with a firm hand, which, in their view, the country needs to restore law, order and security; his opponents saw in his talk chilling evidence of an oppressive style of someone who has spent all his adult life giving orders and expecting them to be obeyed, no matter what.

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Egypt’s Sisi Turns Islam on the Islamists

As the Egyptian state presses its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, the man expected to become president has deployed a new weapon in the battle with the Islamists: his own vision of Islam.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the former army chief who deposed the Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi and is expected to be elected president later this month, has cast himself as a defender of religion and taken aim at the doctrinal foundations of Islamist groups the state is seeking to crush.

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After ‘Solidarity Pledge,’ Egyptian Churches Not So Sure

 Middle East Christians appreciate prayers, but political action brings mixed feelings.


More than 175 Christian leaders crossed denominational and political divides this week to urge the United States government to do more to help the rapidly diminishing, historic Christian populations of Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.

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