Islamic State Torches Churches, Abducts Scores of Christians, Western Forces Present Do Nothing

In the early hours of Monday, February 23, Islamic State fighters attacked several Christian villages along the Khabur River in north eastern Syria. As many as 200 Christians —including women and children—were taken hostage.  Their families fear that they will either be sold as slaves and/or raped, or simply massacred, as many other Christian hostages of the Islamic State have been—most recently the 21 Coptic martyrs in Libya.

Egypt’s Government Assuages Minya Families after Weeks of Silence

Over the past week, the village of al-Aour in the governorate of Minya—home to thirteen of the twenty Coptic Egyptian victims killed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Libya—has been transformed. The once obscure village has become a site for official delegations and mourners to visit, and offer condolences and support to the bereaved families of the victims. This influx of visitors is new for al-Aour.


ISIS attacks Syriac - Assyrian Villages, Scores Abducted Including Women and Children

In the early morning hours of February 23rd 2015 the terror organization ISIS attacked the Syriac (Assyrian) Christian region of Khabour in the Al-Hassaka governorate in Syria.


Obama Appoints Terrorist Supporter to Head Up Counterterrorism Messaging

Why not just turn over the whole operation officially to the Muslim Brotherhood?


Nothing to seehere. Just lots of lectures on how we can best fight Islamic terrorism by covering up its Islamic basis. The arsonists are in charge of training firemen to fight fires.


Egypt Jails Activist Alaa Abdel Fattah for Five Years

An Egyptian court has jailed prominent blogger and pro-democracy activist Alaa Abdel Fattah for five years at his retrial for violating a protest law.


He is accused of organising a demonstration in 2013 and was previously given a 15-year jail term.



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