More than a half a million Copts are living in the US today yet only 92,000 were accounted for in
the last US Religion census (2010). Coptic issues of Egypt continue to be overlooked in American
policy and we need YOU, your family, and your friends to HELP.

Make your voice COUNT and GO VOTE. Our people in Egypt need you.

Registering to VOTE only takes a few minutes

Watch Rep. French Hill talk about what he was motivated to do after becoming aware of the plight of the Copts.

Register today to vote and make your voice heard- not only for yourself, but for Copts facing unimaginable persecution.

When more people from a group are registered to vote, their elected officials take notice and will be much more likely to act on issues important to Copts, both domestically and internationally.

Coptic Solidarity is a non-partisan, non-profit advocating equal citizenship rights for the Copts in Egypt. We do not align with a particular political party, and instead work with politicians from both sides of the aisle to get things done. We will not receive your contact information when you register to vote.

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Offline Voter Registration
Not all states allow online voter registration. If you live in one of the states listed below, simply click on your state to be redirected to your state’s voter registration page where you can download a registration form:

Rock the Vote has FAQ’s

Register to Vote by Phone
Text “VOTER” to 788-683 (RTVOTE), where you can register quickly on your own mobile device.

Sign up for Election reminders
Text VOTER” to 788-683 (RTVOTE) to get information about important deadlines, early voting, and polling places.