Mob Burning of Christian Couple Prompts Criticism of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law

Nina Shea, Amnesty International call for pressure to change Islamic-based statutes.


In the wake of gruesome news that a young Pakistani couple were burned alive by an angry crowd for allegedly desecrating the Islamic holy book, there are stronger calls for international pressure on Pakistan to get rid of its “blasphemy law.”


Egypt Elevates an Official Hostile to U.S.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is appointing a national security adviser who two years ago spearheaded criminal charges that nonprofit groups were acting as agents of an American conspiracy to weaken and destabilize Egypt.


UK ‘Encourages’ Egypt to Implement Freedoms

The UK Ambassador to Egypt comments on his country's statement on Egypt's human rights review in Geneva


The UK has expressed its support for a "stable and democratic" Egypt, saying it encourages the government to implement "fundamental freedoms.”


Church Won’t Back Any Electoral List in Elections, Says Coptic Pope

Pope Tawadros II says now is not the right time to talk about the Maspero killings.


Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church won't support a specific electoral list in upcoming elections as all the lists include Christians, said Pope Tawadros II, the country's highest Coptic leader.


Egypt’s Human Rights Record Reviewed at UN Meeting

Blistering criticism came as human rights groups said that conditions in Egypt have worsened in recent years, rather than improved, and warned that their work to highlight abuses is becoming increasingly difficult.



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