ISIS Orders All Christian, Shiite Business Assets to Be Delivered to the Islamic State

The Arabic language Alsumaria News is reporting that ISIS has ordered all Sunni businesses with Christian and Shiite partners to deliver the non-Sunni share of the business to the Islamic State. ISIS gave a two day deadline to comply with the order, else all assets would be confiscated.

According to the report, ISIS has a complete list of of businesses with Christian and Shiite partners.

ISIS is now charging tariffs on all goods entering the Nineveh Province. Goods deemed offensive to Islam are seized and destroyed.

Security Forces Attack Village Copts Protesting a Woman’s ‘Disappearance’

At least 22 Copts and three policemen were injured in clashes between security forces and Copts in Gabal el-Tair village in Samalout, Minya (Upper Egypt), on Monday evening.

Thirty-five other Copts were arrested and three police cars, including a fire engine destroyed in the conflict.

Raafat Mounir, a Coptic resident of the village, told MCN that Minya’s security forces were deployed to the village of a missing Coptic woman to crack down on a sit-in demanding her return. Some of those arrested were members of the woman’s family.

Qatar and Turkey — Backers of Muslim Brotherhood — Formalize Strategic Ties

Qatar and Turkey, the two leading supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, have formed a strategic alliance.

Qatar and Turkey agreed to establish a strategic cooperation council that would enhance coordination in the Middle East.

The council was decided during the visit to Doha by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, hosted by Qatar’s Emir Tamim. This marked the third visit by Erdogan to Qatar since he became president in August 2014.

UN Chief Urges Nations to ‘Act Decisively' on Islamic State

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged countries with the capacity to do so to take decisive action against Islamic State militants, who have taken over large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

"I ... urge the international community, and those with the means, to act decisively and after sober reflection," Ban told reporters Tuesday. "It is critical to keep at the forefront the protection of civilians."

Ban didn't say what steps he hoped U.N. member states would take, but praised recent U.S. air strikes against Islamic State militants, aimed at helping besieged civilians in Iraq.

US Must ‘Destroy’ Islamic State, Say Religious Leaders

A coalition of more than 50 religious leaders, led by mostly conservative Catholic, evangelical and Jewish activists, is calling on President Obama to sharply escalate military action against Islamic extremists in Iraq. They say “nothing short of the destruction” of the Islamic State can protect Christians and religious minorities now being subjected to “a campaign of genocide.

“We represent various religious traditions and shades of belief,” the petition reads. “None of us glorifies war or underestimates the risks entailed by the use of military force.”


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