‘Egypt Working Group’ Presents Biased Views to President Obama

The Working Group on Egypt sent President Obama a letter on September 24th, roundly criticizing him for meeting with Egyptian President, El-Sissi, on the sides of UNGA.  While Coptic Solidarity shares concerns regarding limitations on NGOs, free-speech, and religious minorities, the overall hypocrisy of the letter was astounding.

Egyptian Salafi Leader Bans “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck”

Egypt’s Salafis, who were recently permitted to make a return to the mosques and media, once again are demonstrating their priorities for Egypt, a nation in economic and political turmoil.

‘Daily Martyrdom’

Systematic discrimination and harassment against religious minorities in Egypt and the surrounding region often goes unreported as it does not catch international headlines such as stories of brutality and violence.   The broader picture of life for minorities in Egypt is one of daily submission under Islamic Sharia. It has rightly been called daily martyrdom.

To lose one’s life for your faith is far more glamorous than daily persevering for your faith. Yet, such is the case for the vast majority of Egypt’s Christians. Imagine waking each day to the knowledge that you do not have the same rights as your neighbors in worship, at work, in school, and even in the privacy of your home. Such is their life.

One Copt Released, Many Still Captive or Dead

Wadi Ramsis, a Coptic doctor who was kidnapped in Sinai two months ago was released Monday after “payment of large sums of [ransom] money,” said authorities.


Targeting Copts—especially professionals, who can afford to pay, or children, whose parents become desperate to pay—is becoming endemic to Egypt.


When the Police Colludes to Convert by Force a Lonely Coptic Girl

The following is an urgent call for help, circulated in a number of sites and posted by the prominent secularist writer Khaled Montaser in his Facebook page. Far from being unique, it highlights the struggle of a courageous Coptic young woman against attempts of forced conversion to Islam.

After the peace and salutations for yourselves: I'm Lisa Nessim Bushra Abdul Malik national ID number 2840126240261 province of Minya, Matai district, (resident) in front of the youth center.


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