Unlamented Copts Killed During January 25 Protests

While the world heard about Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, a female political activist who was tragically shot and killed by police at close range during January 25 demonstrations, Egypt’s Coptic Christians are asking why their own who died on the same day in—by random bullets between police and the Muslim Brotherhood in different protests—have received little to no media attention.

Muslim Brotherhood Opens Fire on Christian Church

Muslim Brotherhood affiliates just launched an attack on yet another Coptic Christian church, the Church of the Angel Raphael on 20th Street in the area of Faisal, Egypt.

Continued Kidnapping of—and Indifference to—Coptic Christians

Yet another young Coptic Christian girl, Sabrine Mushir, has been kidnapped in Egypt, from the village of Dalga.  Coptic activists are complaining that not a single person from among the authorities and security apparatus has done a single thing to try to find the hapless girl, adding “If this was the daughter of one of the local authorities, she would have been retrieved in seconds.”


Coptic Solidarity on ‘Jerry Newcombe’ Radio Show

Lindsay Vessey, Director of Advocacy & Development of Coptic Solidarity, was guest on ‘Vocal Point’ program, on January 8, to talk about Copts in Libya. Hear the interview:




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