Blasphemy in Egypt

In recent weeks, we have focused on the brutal persecution of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria by ISIS. In the meantime, violent attacks against Copts and other minorities in Egypt have decreased. But the systematic discrimination and persecution of minorities there continues unabated.

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Islamic State Targets Egypt

During the Egyptian language program, 90 Minutes, which airs on Al-Mihwar satellite station, a video containing confessions from affiliates of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria—popularly known as ISIS—which recently proclaimed itself the new caliphate.

Three men appeared: Hamdi Sa’ad Fituh, Muhammad Ibrahim Abdul Karim, and Khaled Mustafa Hussein.

According to Arabic media, the three admitted to having received “training and funds to carry out acts of sabotage in Egypt, and weapons and arms to undertake acts of violence and terrorism against Egyptians.” One specifically mentioned targeting Christian Copts.

Muslim Brotherhood Gloats Over UK Decision Not to Ban Org.

Anas al-Tikriti, a leader of UK-based Muslim Brotherhood lobby groups, said he “welcomed reports from Western media which exposed the refusal of British Prime Minister David Cameroon’s government to ban Muslim Brotherhood activities and labeling it a terrorist organization.” Al-Tikriti further posted on his Facebook page, according to Arabic media, that “this represents a new defeat to [Sisi’s] Egyptian regime.”


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Help Persecuted Christians and Minorities Today!

 These are trying times for Copts and other religious minorities in their indigenous homelands. Coptic Solidarity is working at the forefront to bring greater attention to the genocide of Christians, Yazidis, and others in Iraq. But we need more partners to continue our efforts.

In June, Coptic Solidarity hosted our 5th Annual Conference in Washington, DC, partnering with MECHRIC and representatives of religious minorities throughout the Middle East and North Africa raising awareness of the situation of Copts and the threat ISIS posed to Iraqi minorities.

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Tripoli: Salafis Ban Christian Crosses and Icons

In Tripoli, roaming bands of armed Salafis—Muslims who seek to follow the example of Islam’s prophet as literally as possible—went door to door of the city’s jewelry stores, ordering the owners to stop selling any crosses or Christian icons.


“Immediately thereafter,” report Arabic media, “the store owners collected all the crosses and Christian icons and delivered them to their Christian villages outside of Tripoli. Other store owners hid the Christian crosses and icons deeply, in the hopes of transferring them somewhere later, because they live in Tripoli and have no outside Christian villages to deliver the banned Christian items to.


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