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Egyptian Copt’s ‘Faked Facebook Blasphemy’ Acquittal Delayed

Court keeps delaying Bishoy's acquittal due to 'sensitivity'


An Egyptian Christian, jailed for 38 months on unsubstantiated charges, has had his expected acquittal delayed again to February next year, his lawyer said.


Bishoy Garas was sentenced to 6 years in prison from September 2012 for offending Islam, the then Egyptian President Morsi, and a Muslim sheikh’s sister. However, the charges, relating to Facebook posts, were found on a fake Facebook page opened in his name.

Mina Danial: The Untold Story of an Egyptian Revolutionary

Tarek El-Tayeb, 25, had always hated Christians. He was known among his friends as Tarek “El-Salafi” as he followed the ultraorthodox school of Islam.






Maspero — The Absence of Justice

On October 9, 2011, I witnessed the Egyptian military brutally murder dozens of Coptic Christians, using excessive force against peaceful protesters near the state television building Maspero. No one has been held accountable, although a military court sentenced three soldiers to between two and three years imprisonment on charges of “involuntary manslaughter.” It has been four years now since the Maspero massacre, and justice has yet to be been served.


Fourth Anniversary of Maspero Massacre: Need Transparent Investigation of Implicated Political and Security Officials During the Events

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the "Maspero Massacre", which occurred on the October 9, 2011, and claimed the lives of 25 civilians in addition to dozens of the wounded, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) condemns the fact that open, transparent and fair investigations have still not been opened with political and security officials during the events, especially the military police and the leaders of Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) at this time, on the use of violence and the violation of the right to life of the demonstrators, and their role in failing to protect them.


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