Who’s Who in the Egyptian Constituent Assembly

People's Assembly:

Saad El-Katatni — Speaker of the People's Assembly (PA) / Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)

Ahmed Diab — FJP

Hussein Ibrahim — Parliamentary spokesperson of the FJP

Osama Yassin — Head of PA Youth Committee / FJP

Mohamed El-Beltagy — FJP

Hoda Ghania — Woman MP in the PA / FJP

Farid Ismail — FJP

Essam El-Erian Head of PA Foreign Affairs Committee / FJP

Tarek El-Dessouki — Head of PA Economic Affairs Committee / FJP

Yousri Hani — FJP

Sobhi Saleh — Head of PA Constitutional Affairs Committee / FJP

Khaled Al-Azhari — FJP

Soliman Salem — FJP

Abdel Rahman Shoukry — FJP

Ahmed Abdel Rahman — FJP

Ashraf Thabet — Deputy PA speaker /Nour Party

Younes Makhyoun — Nour Party”

Talaat Marzouk — Head of PA Complaints and Proposals Committee / Nour Party

Adel Azazi — Nour Party

Shaaban Abdel Alim — Nour Party

Salah Abdel Maboud — Nour Party

Walid Mahrous — Nour Party

Mohamed Mansour — Nour Party

Essam Sultan — Lawyer / Wasat Party

Mahmoud El-Sakka — Lawyer / Wafd Party

Mohamed Dawoud — Deputy PA speaker / Wafd Party

Margaret Azar — Christian woman MP / Wafd Party

Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat — Head of PA Human Rights Committee / Reform and Development Party

Ahmed Said — Leader of teh liberal Free Egyptians Party

Saad Aboud — Nasserite Karama Party

Ziad Bahaa El-Din — Egyptian Social Democratic Party

Hany Nour El-Din — Reconstruction and Development party

Abbas Mokhamair — Head of PA National Security and Defence Committee

Mahmoud Khodeiry — Reformist judge and head of PA Legislative Affairs Committee

Amr Hamazawy — Liberal political science professor and analyst

Amr El-Shobaki — Liberal political science professor and analyst

Wahid Abdel Magid — Independent MP / Political analyst

Shura Council:

Ahmed Fahmy — Speaker of Shura Council / FJP

Ali Fath El-Bab — Parliamentary spokesperson of FJP

Susan Saad Zaglol — Woman MP / FJP

Moussa Hozyan — FJP

Taher Soliman — FJP

Mohamed Talaat Khashaba — FJP

Ezz El-Din Abdel Wahab — FJP

Mohamed Tousoun — FJP

Maher Ahmed — FJP

Tarek El-Sihari — Deputy chairman of Shura Council / Nour Party

Abdel Salem Rageb — Nour Party

Hassan Omar — Member of Education and Scientific Research Committee / Nour Party

Ehab Kharat — Egyptian Social Democratic Party.

Non-parliamentarians / prominent personalities in society:

Sheikh Nasr Farid Wassel — Former Grand Mufti of Egypt, 1996 to 2002

Dr Mohamed Amara — Renowned Islamist thinker

Dr Atef El-Banna — Renowned constitutional law professor at Cairo University, former member of the Constitutional Amendments Committee in 2011

Judge Ali Awad Saleh — Deputy chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court

Dr Mona Makram Ebeid — Liberal politician and former parliamentarian from famous Christian political family, professor at the American University in Cairo

Dr Nadia Mostafa — Political science professor

Judge Hossam El-Ghariany — Head of the Supreme Judiciary Council and among the judges that led the reformist movement in the judiciary in 2005

Judge Adel Abdel Hamid — Current minister of justice

Sheikh Hamed Hassan — Former professor of Islamic Sharia in the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences at Cairo University, one of the most prominent advocates for Islamic finance in the Arab world

Ambassador Mohamed Fathy Rifaah El Tahatawy — Former spokesperson of Al-Azhar who resigned in the early days of the January 25 Revolution, joining the protesters in Tahrir Square

Farouk Goweida - A poet and a journalist/writer working in Al Ahram newspaper

Dr Al-Siyad El-Badawy — Head of the liberal Wafd Party

Nadr Bakar — Official spokesperson of Salafist El-Nour Party

Leutenant General Mamdouh Shahin — Member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the defence minister's assistant for legal affairs as representative for the army

Sameh Ashour — Head of the Lawyers’ Syndicate and former leader of the Nasserite Party

Mamdouh El-Wali — Head of the Journalists’ Syndicate

Dr Moatez Abdel Fatah — Political science professor, former advisor to former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and former member of the Advisory Council to SCAF

Ashraf Abdel Ghafour — Head of the Actors’ Syndicate

Abdel Aziz Abdel Shafie — Veteran Ahly sports club footballer and former coach

Dr Ahmed El-Sayid El-Naggar — Economics researcher and expert in Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies

General Emad Hussein — Former head of the Police Academy and representative of the police in the Constituent Assembly

Ayman Fouad El-Marakabi — A representative of Egyptian universities , a freshman in the faculty of dentistry , university of Mansoura , it is believed that he is related to general secretary of FJP

Judge Nabil Marhim — Coptic Christian and member in the General Congregation Council of the Egyptian Coptic Church

Dr Rafik Habib — A protestant Christian nationalist thinker and writer, deputy chairman of Freedom and Justice Party

Dr Ahmed Harara — A dentist who lost both of his eyes in 2011 during the Egyptian revolution while protesting

Dr Mohamed Abu Ghar — Leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, a physician and university professor who was among the founders of the 9 March Movement that calls for the independence of universities from the state

Abdel Ghaffr Shukr — Leading member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party and deputy president of the Arab and African Research Centre in Cairo

Engineer Ibrahim El-Arabi — Businessman and industrialist, El-Arabi heads the Cairo Chamber of Commerce

Fatimah Mohamed Abu Ziad — A woman member of the Muslim Brotherhood, her father, Mahmoud Abu Ziad, is a member in the Guidance Office and she is responsible for the students file in the Brotherhood

Magdy Shenouda — Christian lawyer who used to be the attorney of the late Pope Shenouda III

Dr Osama Ibrahim — Head of the University of Alexandria, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr Mohamed Ahmed El-Sherif — Head of the University of Minia and member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr Gamal Nawara — Professor in the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Zagazig

Dr Sherif Abdel Azim — Doctor and founder of the renowned Rasala Charity Foundation

Hasan Lashin — Head of the Egyptians Abroad Fund in Saudi Arabia

Dr Mobaad El-Gerhai — Professor in Islamic finance

Engineer Mohamed Khalosy — Head of the Engineers' Syndicate and member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr Abdel Hady El-Kasaby — Head of Sufi Orders in Egypt

Dr Maged Shabita — Professor of constitutional law

Dr Mohamed Abdel Gowad — Head of the Pharmacists’ Syndicate and member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Abdel Rahman El-Bar — Islamic scholar, professor in Al-Azhar and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr Mostafa Kamel El-Siyad — Political science professor at the American University in Cairo, member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party

Abdel Fatah Khatab — Representative of the General Union of Egypt’s Labours Unions

Abdullah Kandeel — Representative of the General Egyptian Chambers of Commerce

Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa — Representative of the State Council

Dr Mohamed Yosri Ibrahim — Salafist Islamist scholar and preacher who lost the parliamentary elections to MP Mostafa Al-Nagr in Nasr City area

Dr Bassam Metawlly —Identified as 'prominent figure'

Ayman Ali — Secretary General of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe

Mohamed Saad Abdel Karim Gawish — Representative of the youth

Judge Yahia El-Dakrory — Former chairman of Judges’ Club and deputy chairman of State Council



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