Egypt’s National Salvation Front Fully Rejects the Illegitimate Referendum on December 15, 2012

Coptic Solidarity fully endorses the following statement issued on December 9:

The National Salvation Front (NSF) announces its full rejection to the shocking decisions made my the president and that is nothing but circumvention around the demands of the people, officially challenging the will of the millions of enraged protestors in the streets of Egypt, and thus we insist on the following: 

First: The NSF fully rejects December 15th referendum that will only cultivate strife and division.

Second: NSF upholds its rejection of the current constitutional draft that lacks consensus of the most fundamental values of the Egyptian people, as it assaults social and political freedoms, and concentrates presidential powers. 

Third: We reject any referendum that takes place in the midst of anger, under the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood militia and their terror gangs against opposition and protestors. This conveys the recklessness on among those who uphold power and a scandalous degree of irresponsibility that throws the county to violent conflict that endangers our national security.

Fourth: NSF warns of the dangerous of forcing the referendum to take place in the absence of security, while blackmailing and threatening the ministry of interior to suppress violently suppress protestors in the same way as the past regime. We also condemn the attacks to terrorize and intimidate the media and media personalities. 

Fifth: NSF continues to support the honorable position of Egypt's judges and their  struggle to protect and uphold justice and the rule of law.

Sixth: NSF supports our great people, and urges them to continue their peaceful protests in Tahrir, Cairo and across the country on Tuesday December 12, 2012, as the president rejects to address our legitimate demands, as we reject a referendum on a constitution that assaults rights and freedoms. 

NSF insists on our stance against that tyranny and oppression, and the hijacking the state by the president and his organization, that goes against the values of the people, as well as making life economically unbearable exhausting all Egyptian families. 

At the end victory will be to the will of the people... and long live Egypt.... and long live or vigilance against tyranny. 


Translated from Arabic by Coptic Solidarity

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