Slain Copt: Latest Victim of Egypt’s “Military Jihad” on Christians?

A familiar scene recently took place in Egypt: yet another Coptic Christian soldier was found dead in his (Muslim majority) unit. 








Al Azhar and ISIS: Cause and Effect

Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Nasr, who graduated with a degree in Islamic law from Egypt’s Al Azhar University—regularly touted as the world’s most prestigious Islamic university—recently exposed his alma mater in a televised interview.





Islamic State Bombs Christian Convent in Iraq

The Islamic State reportedly detonated the convent belonging to the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena on the morning of November 5.








Copt Tortured for Refusing Islam

A Christian man was abducted, and tortured in an effort to convert him to Islam last week in Egypt.


Fayiz Fouad, a Coptic Christian man, was kidnapped as he was returning from a visit to the St. George Coptic Orthodox Monastery in Qena.


His vehicle was forcefully stopped in a Nag Hammadi village that he had to cross through, and he was taken hostage for three days.









Three Copts out of 218 Elected to Individual Seats in Egypt’s Parliament

In Egypt’s first phase of elections that covered 14 governorates, Copts out of 218 were elected to individual seatsTwenty-two Copts were competing in the rerun elections, but most failed due to vote fragmentation or sectarian motives.






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