Syrian Army Seizes ancient Christian Town of Maaloula
By Reuters

Syrian soldiers backed by Hezbollah fighters recaptured the town of Maaloula, north of Damascus, on Monday, military sources and state television said, further squeezing rebels' supply routes through the Qalamoun mountains into Lebanon.

Islamist fighters, some from the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, had taken over part of the ancient Christian town in December and held several nuns captive until releasing them in March in a prisoner exchange deal.

Christians Killed in Egypt Reflect Growing Hatred in Segments of Society
By Morning Star News

A Coptic Christian teacher in Egypt allegedly shot by the teenage brother of one of his students has died, human rights activists said Friday.

Ashraf Alahm Atef Hanna, an English teacher at Marzouk Prep School in the village of Marzouk in Minya Province, succumbed to injuries from the shooting on Tuesday (April 8). He was 35.

Retired Army General Wants Egypt's St. Catherine's Monastery Demolished
By Ahram

Ahmed Ragai Attiya says that the historic UNESCO site in South Sinai poses a threat to Egypt's national security, after the monks turned it into 'a place for foreigners'


A retired army general says he has filed a court case pushing for Egypt's historic Saint Catherine's Monastery to be demolished and its Greek monks deported on the grounds that they pose a threat to national security. 

The Presidency of Egypt
By Saba E. Demian, M.D.

Does the fate of Egypt hang solely on who the next president of Egypt will be? The answer is a qualified yes. In a true democracy the ‘will of the people’ is supreme. Another qualifier to this is that the people have to be truly ‘free’, meaning knowledgeable, un-coerced and liberated from the burden of dissimulators, fortune hunters, political charlatans and other negative-power-grabbers. This is a long order and virtually unachievable. Pragmatism dictates that the best course of action is to study the available ‘facts on the ground’ and act thusly. The current situation in Egypt and the outside powers and players, with varied interests in Egypt, is so complex that it would defy the brilliance of a chess grandmaster to figure out.

Country Case Study - Egypt: Post Revolution Political Upheaval
By Human Rights and Democracy Office - UK

As a result of political upheaval, the human rights situation in Egypt deteriorated in 2013. Following the removal of then-President Mursi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, in July 2013, the Foreign Secretary said that the UK did not support military intervention as a way to resolve disputes in a democratic system, and called on all sides to avoid violence. The military announced a political roadmap for the return to democracy, led by a military-backed civilian interim government.

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