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Exposed: Egypt’s Institutionalized Persecution of Coptic Christians
By Raymond Ibrahim


In a 25-minute interview on Arabic satellite with Dr. Mona Roman, Coptic Christian Bishop Agathon fully exposed the plight of his Christian flock in Minya, Egypt—a region that has a large Coptic minority that is steadily under attack. 






Freed Nigerian Women Tell of Horror of Boko Haram Captivity
By Reuters


Boko Haram fighters killed older boys and men in front of their families before taking women and children into the forest where many died of hunger and disease, freed captives said on Sunday after they were brought to a government refugee camp.




Is Assad Finished?
By Jonathan Spyer - MEF

The rapprochement of Saudi Arabia with Turkey appears to have enabled more coherent organization, support and supply to the rebels in the north.... Jaish al-Fatah, whose two main component groups are Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahral al-Sham, now appears ready to begin attacks on the regime stronghold of Latakia Province and on the Hama area.


U.S. Denies Visa to Nun; Was to Testify Before Congress on Christian Persecution in Iraq
By John Burger – Aleteia


A multi-ethnic, interdenominational delegation from Iraq is expected to visit Washington to plead the case of religious minorities being persecuted by the Islamic State group. But because the visa for an Iraqi nun was denied, there will be no Christian in the group.




Copts and Robbers: Can The Remnants of Christianity in Nubia Be Preserved?
By Richard Tada – Weekly Standard


To its immense credit, the perpetually beleaguered Coptic church of Egypt has seen fit to dedicate some resources to the study of its history. The Coptic church and two lay Coptic organizations have organized a series of symposia on Christian history and archaeology in Egypt. The latest of these was held in Aswan in southern Egypt, and we now have this collection of articles based on the symposium papers. As is usual in volumes of this kind, the articles are a mixed bag: Some concern the minutiae of scholarship, while others touch on larger issues—most notably, the history of Christian Nubia, just south of Egypt. 

Thousands of Egyptian Christians Mourn the Death of Pope Shenouda III

An estimated 100,000 Coptic Christians in Egypt have queued to pay respects to their spiritual leader, Pope Shenouda III who has died aged 88.

Thousands of mourners filed past their spiritual leader's dead body as it sat in the papal chair during a vigil inside Cairo's St Mark's Cathedral on Sunday.

Pope Shenouda's body was placed in a coffin before being seated on the ceremonial throne dressed in an embroidered robe and golden mitre.

The pope died on Saturday after suffering from cancer and had lead Egypt's Church for forty years.

The religious head sought to soothe sectarian tension during his tenure at the top of Egypt's Orthodox Church, but saw increasing flare-ups in the majority Muslim nation in the final months of his life.

Around 10 per cent of Egypt's population are Coptic Christians, making them the Middle East's largest Christian minority with 80 million followers.


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