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ISIS Captures Christians: Piece by Piece, Middle Eastern Christianity Is Being Shattered
By Nina Shea- FoxNews

President Obama must acknowledge that ISIS has religious objectives, that its actions are not simply random acts of “extreme violence,” and that ISIS aims to make the region – and beyond-- pure for Islam.


An Invitation to Join the Human Club
By Magdi Khalil

When Jesus Christ came into our world, His love, humility and self-sacrifice upended human values in a way that mankind had never experienced before. He rejected biases related to kinship, race, color, sex, religion, creed, gender, appearance, wealth, and social status, and gave no room for resentments and animosity.


Hypocrisy Alert: Qatari Leader Throws Weight Behind Pluralism and Inclusiveness
By Elias Groll - FP

When Qatari leader Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani argued in the New York Times on Tuesday for the necessity of holding authoritarian leaders to account, he probably wasn’t talking about himself.


Rights Groups Slam Jail Term for Activist Alaa Abdel Fattah
By Egypt Independent

Sixteen human rights advocacy groups have condemned jail terms issued against renowned secular activist Alaa Abdel Fattah and 24 others for taking part into protests against military trials back in 2013.


Egypt’s War on ISIS: A Brief History
By Joel Gulhane – Atlantic Council

"How could I go to the Coptic Cathedral to extend my condolences when the Egyptian army hasn't avenged the attacks?" asked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in a pre-recorded speech broadcast Sunday night.


Muslim Brotherhood Leader: “We Are Getting Closer to Realizing Banna’s Greatest Goal of Establishing the Caliphate”


Dr. Muhammad Badi, supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said: “The Brotherhood is  getting closer to achieving its greatest goal as envisioned by its founder,  Imam Hassan al-Banna. This will be accomplished by establishing a righteous and fair ruling system, with all its institutions and associations, including a government evolving into a rightly guided caliphate and mastership of the world.”

Badi added in his weekly message yesterday [12/29/11]: “When the Brotherhood started its advocacy [da’wa], it tried to awaken the nation from its slumber and stagnation, to guide it back to its position and vocation. In his message at the sixth caucus, the Imam [Banna] defined two goals for the Brotherhood: a short term goal, the fruits of which are seen as soon as a person becomes a member of the Brotherhood; and a long term goal that requires utilizing events, waiting, making appropriate preparations and prior designs, and a comprehensive and total reform of all aspects of life.”

The leader of the Brotherhood continued: “The Imam [Banna] delineated transitional goals and detailed methods to achieve this greatest objective, starting by reforming the individual, followed by building the family, the society, the government, and then a rightly guided caliphate and finally mastership of the world.”

Badi linked this greatest goal to the Arab spring revolutions. He said: “In this Arab spring, the revolutionary people were determined to achieve particular, obvious goals. They were adamant and uncompromising about goals such as the end of unjust regimes and the ousting of unfair rulers, to rid our countries of all corrupt systems that usurped our resources and thwarted our progress.  And today we are very close to achieving a major goal by establishing a righteous and fair ruling system with all its institutions and guiding principles.”  The leader of the Brotherhood accused “adversaries and contenders” of trying to deter the Brotherhood by distracting them with peripheral disputes using flamboyant calls to tear up the unity of the nation, in order to slow down their progression, to eviscerate the revolution, and to distract the Brotherhood from attaining its greatest goals.

He said: “With the blessings of Shura we are on the path of achieving the goals of the nation and the revolution through a candid and genuine representation of the people in the parliament to start building the institutions of good governance and a rightly guided state.”


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