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Coptic Solidarity Mourns Dr Helmy Guirguis
By Coptic Solidarity

With deep sorrow, Coptic Solidarity mourns Dr. Helmy Guirguis, member of its Board and one of its key Founding Members. Dr. Guirguis, 71, passed away after a short, but painful, struggle with illness. He is survived by his wife Cecile and daughter Mary-Monica.


UN Chief and Security Council Condemn Terrorist Attacks in Sinai

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations Security Council today condemned the terrorist attacks on towns in the northern part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, which killed and injured dozens of Egyptian soldiers and civilians.


Christians in Danger of More Muslim Attacks in Nigeria
By Cheryl Wetzstein- The Washington Times

Boko Haram, radical Islamist allies have destroyed 1,000 churches in past four years - Raymond Ibrahim


Muslim persecution of Christians is at a high tide — and there are grave fears of more sectarian bloodletting as millions of people in Nigeria, which is half Muslim and half Christian, vote for their national leaders next month.


From Carnage To Culture: Understanding The Current Arab And Muslim World
By Y. Carmon - MEMRI

For five consecutive years, the Arab and Muslim world has been descending into chaos. Storms of violence and mass-murder have engulfed the region, effectively dismantling its foundational structure. Numerous countries have disintegrated, causing the displacement of millions of people. Reports and images of the war-torn region seem to have been taken directly from World War II. As if all this weren't enough, 2014 witnessed the emergence of a new, horrific phenomenon, the Islamic State, whose beliefs and savage conduct emanate from the 7th Century.  


A Closer Look at Egyptian Kidnappings in Libya
By Ishak Ibrahim - TIMEP

The fate of 20 Egyptian Copts, who were kidnapped by masked men in two separate incidents in the Libyan city of Sirte, remains unclear. In the first kidnapping, which took place on December 31, 2014, militants forcefully stopped a microbus transporting Egyptians and kidnapped seven Christians at gunpoint. Four days later, on January 3, 2015, a group of masked militants raided an apartment building that is home to both Muslim and Christian Egyptians. The militants, who had a list of the Christian residents’ names, kidnapped 13 Copts and then left without harming any of the Muslims inside.


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