Egyptian Professor: Ahmed Shafik Won Elections by 30,000 Votes

In an interview on Al Hadath Al Masry, "The Egyptian Event,” an Al Arabiya news channel talk show, the Head of Ibn Khaldoun Center for Human Rights and the AUC professor of Political Sociology, Prof. Saad Eddin Ibrahim confirmed that the Center had monitored, through 7,000 observers, the victory of Ahmed Shafik over Mohamed Morsy in Egypt's presidential election, by 30,000 votes. He added that the Center had announced the result directly after the end of the voting process, and a report was being issued every 8 hours, pointing out that several other centers had announced the same result, while others had monitored it but were too intimidated to announce it.


Ibrahim added that a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood traveled to the US right before the second election round. Brotherhood members were expecting the US to formally deny this, but the US ambassador and other sources have confirmed the trip, allowing no room for denial.


He further stated that there is a US base in Egypt according to information on foreign reports accessible to all researchers and, again, no official authority has denied it; denials have been issued by individuals. He challenged any authority to issue an official denial.


The professor expressed sympathy with Mubarak until a final verdict is pronounced against him, and Ahmed Shafik who is also targeted, explaining that it reminded him of his own situation under Mubarak's regime.


Ibrahim added that he defends the rights of Shiites in Egypt, especially when it comes to foreign funding, pointing out that foreign funding should not be an exclusive right to the Muslim Brotherhood.


He finally emphasized on the necessity of forming the National Council for Human Rights as a reflection of Egypt's current political map, indicating that "Egypt is now undergoing a transformation into a Brotherhood-state.”


Translated by Coptic Solidarity: Gate Ahram, Sept. 6, 2012


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