Seven-Year-Old Coptic Girl Kidnapped, Held for Ransom

Earlier this month, “unknown persons” in Egypt kidnapped a 7-year-old Christian girl in Dakhaleya Province in northern Egypt. The girl, Jessica Nadi Gabriel, was attending a wedding ceremony with her family when her abductors kidnapped her. Her father later confirmed that the 7-year-old girl’s abductors called him demanding a 650,000 Egyptian Pound ransom—the equivalent of nearly $100,000 USD.

Kidnapping Christian children in Egypt in exchange for ransom is on the rise. A couple weeks ago, a 6-year-old Coptic boy who was kidnapped and held for ransom, was still killed and discarded in the sewer—even after his family paid the Muslim kidnapper the demanded ransom.

See Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children for more information.

Translated by Coptic Solidarity; original source El-Balad:


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