President Morsi Originally Mocked Egyptian Revolution

Former Muslim Brotherhood member reveals that Mohamed Morsi refused to participate in the Egyptian revolution in its first days, telling the young members "you really believe that something will come out of this?"

Ahmed Nazili, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, revealed details of the negotiations 
which took place between officials in the Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and a Youth Delegation trying to pressure the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in the January 25 revolution. 

Nazili confirmed to the Egyptian newspaper "The Seventh Day" that Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Guidance Bureau at the time, and the President of the Republic, played down the usefulness of the Brotherhood's participation in the revolution during his meeting with young people, and spoke to them in a tone of irreverence, as he, Nazili, put it. 

Nazili mentioned that at the beginning of the revolution, the student section of the Brotherhood asked the Guidance Bureau for permission to participate in the protests but the request was refused. 

Dr. Essam el-Erian, who was a member of the Bureau as well, issued a video on the Internet, in which he announced that the Muslim Brotherhood will not participate in the demonstrations on January 25.  He later issued another video stating that the Brotherhood's official position is to not participate but individual members of the Brotherhood can participate on their own accord. 

Multiple attempts were made to convince the Brotherhood to participate but were always met with refusal and panic.  Nazili describes a late night meeting with Brotherhood officials,which included Morsi in which the latter treated him and other youth lightly and wondered if anything will come out of these demonstrations. 


Translated by Coptic Solidarity; originally appeared on Youm7:


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